Amazing South Africa

This awesome, beautiful, extreme, confusing country has been bouncing back into my life ever since I went to South Africa in 1998.  Then, I came as a student to finish a thesis for my university degree. I spent half a year with “the natives” and swore never to return to this crazy country. Everything was in turmoil after the fall of the Apartheid regime, and people’s nerves lay still a little blank. Farm murders were the order of the day, whites left the country by the hundreds. Tourism wise the country had lots to offer for people with plenty of cash to throw around – it is still a prime destination for people who appreciate gold plated taps, designer linnen and a personal servant while enjoying a sun downer overlooking a valley brimming with wild life. But there is more to this nation then the Kruger National Park, Private Game Reserves and Cape Town. I hope this blog will, over time, show how many well know, lesser known and also secret juwels this country has to offer. I want to share about the weird sides of country and people – a nation with more than 11 offical languages and ethnicities, where it’sa fine for a president to have 4 wifes, while a common farmer will face a sentence for doing the same (when he is white), a country where people BBQ and call it Braai, where a steak can easily weigh3 kg and have over half a metre in diameter (Blue Bull Steaks), where the ladies are pretty and the guys play Rugby …

A country where you might get shot for your handbag, where children as young as 7 head up whole households left to fend for themselves because all older relatives died of AIDS, a country that is getting ready for the World Cup.

I have seen many places since I moved here to work and do my share. My Southafrican husband and I are raising a family – one toddler and a dog so far 🙂 and doing a lot of charity work. Since half of my family lives back in Europe, we get a lot of visitors. That makes us semi-professional tour guides as we need to be keyed up about the fun places to go and show our guests. I hope I can offer you some fun and worth while tit bits of what’s great to see in the Rainbow Nation! My thoughts about life and spirituality you find under  – this blog focusses on the traveling part only.


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