Dreaming in Franschhoek


Franschhoek is the gourmet capital of South Africa. The magnificent Franschhoek valley is a photographer’s paradise, with world-class wine estates in the most beautiful landscapes nestled between towering mountains and beautiful vineyards.

The picturesque traditional French village hosts some of the best cuisine from internationally recognised gourmet chefs. Of South Africa’s top ten restaurants, three are in Franschhoek and there is a choice of more than 30 different places to wine and dine.

On the roadsides of the majestic mountains surrounding the beautiful town you find proteas, the South African national flower.

There is so much to see and do in the area, this makes a perfect vacation spot for traveling leisurely with your parents if you like to have some awesome, peaceful moments together!

Allow me the pleasure to share some of my photos of the area with you along with some treasured memories.DieuDonne

One of my favorite hangouts was the DIEU DONNÉ restaurants throning over the town with a magnificent panorama view over all that’s pretty in the area. An up to date menu and opening hours you will find on their website.

It was definitely a place to linger longer.


There are so many beautiful, acclaimed wine estates to choose from, it will take you days to go and visit them all! We were an odd group: My mom and friend from Germany, both wine lovers from a nation where wine is your drink with a good meal. My husband, pastor in a nation where use of wine is often frowned-upon in the Christian community because of the over-use of alcohol by some. Then myself, lover of good cuisine and the occasional glass of wine, but by far not an accomplished connoisseur of the fermented grape juice – I go along for the experience but get the real kick out of taking photos and enjoying the leisurely feel of the place.

And then there was of course 18 months old Steven, who needed wide open spaces to run, was thrilled with the little ducklings in the gardens of our self-catering apartment La Michelle in the Wine Estate. He really enjoyed La Motte Wine Estate, the most prestigious stunning wine farm in my opinion. While the rest of the company went on to wine tasting, I enjoyed classic strawberries and cream in the beautiful lavender gardens. Awesome! All that was missing was a favorite new novel, but with a toddler to watch that had to be postponed. IMG_2171  IMG_2144

La Motte is home to the finest wines, recognised internationally for exceptional quality. With its picturesque setting, traditional cuisine and historic charm, La Motte is an enchanting destination for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

No visit to Franschhoek is complete without stopping by the Huguenot museum with it’s charming gardens.

Afterwards enjoy a spectacular dinner at the Dutch East Restaurant. Stunning cuisine and friendly staff had us all happy and recharged in no time.

If you have very busy kids who wont sit still for a nice dinner, you can always go a few metres further down the road to Col Caccios Pizza place with a nice playground for the little ones.

If you want, treat yourself to a scrumptious breakfast at Cafe Bon Bon La Petite Dauphine in a rustic country style setting.

Franschhoek is a place you shouldnt miss on your visit to South Africa.



    1. Amazing, like all of South Africa. Places like Fraschhoek give you the illusion of freedom, because it is safe to walk around there, different to most of the rest of the country …

      1. Yes it’s really different of what you can see in the rest of the country !

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