Thought that was funny…


View from God’s window

Graskop makes an excellent starting points to explore the historical sites and natural wonders of the area.

On day one we will do a couple of things, let me start you of with a great view.

There is a great look out point poetically called God’s window overlooking the country.

As at most natural heritage sites there is supervised parking on the roadside and after passing a few very colourful curio stands there are relatively safe paths to the look out point. Please do watch your belongings, though. There might be thieves in the bushes – do NOT go alone, do not go after dark. Please. But by all means do not miss the view. Stop at however many lookout points you like, they are all worth it.


The curio stops at the road side


Make sure you stop at those many waterfalls along the road! Be careful. I took a picture from the edge. I am that way.

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