Southafrica in 30 Days Day two: resting and playing in Graskop

I love taking overseas people around south Africa, amongst them my own German family like my braveheart brother Jo and his wife Ju!
Taking pictures on the edge in Blyde rivier Canyon

After all that photoshooting it is up to you to follow the scenic R532 road for more viewing and even a dip in one of the many natural rock pools (dare your wife for a dive, they are brrrr cold!) This road is called the Panorama Route and is one of the most beautiful and popular travel destinations in South Africa. It leads through the rugged mountain range of the northern Drakensberg.

We are now returning to Graskop, where you have a choice of many small cafe’s and restaurants to offer you well deserved refreshments.

Actually, you can not have been in Graskop and not have had pancakes! I recommend Harrie’s pancakes, the pancake place that started it all. it’s also conveniently close to a very nice curio shop. I hope you have been browsing at the many road side stalls, me and my guests are always joking about the “search for the universal idol for everything” as you find many fertility symbols and masks among beautifully died fabrics and carvings of animals. The shops next to Harrie’s pancakes provide carefully selected local chocolates and a lovely range of made in South Africa children’s clothing “Hoolingans” making great souvenirs. Another must have African souvenir are the croak frogs. Outside my house they steal my sleep at night, but their wooden counterparts make a nice percussion instrument. At Harrie’s you have a vast choice of sweet and savory filled gourmet pancakes.


Savory pancakes feature variations of local dishes such as bobotie, and smoked trout, chilli con carne and many more. Sweet treats include black cherries in liqueur, banana in a caramel sauce, dark
chocolate mousse and milk tart custard, with ice-cream or cream. Needless to say … yummy …

Strengthened and happy, you are welcome to try the big swing, which is the largest bungee gorge swing in the world. My brother and his wife did, and had stacks of fun. Me, being a mom and all, decided not to risk my life that way. Good call, too, the next day two adventurers actually died on a tandem jump. So if you do anything like that, make sure the manager takes you personally and all ropes are properly clipped in. It is Africa, and a lot of the regular staff are not yet trained as they should be, I am writing about that at my world changing blog click here!

Have dinner at the Lokomotive if you want some authentic local cuisine and feel. You might meet some Dutch people who were driving around in the Kruger Park for 3 weeks without seeing any lions or elephants, just Zebras and Giraffe. I laughed so hard, since I always see lions, cheetahs and leopards. You just need to stick with me. Otherwise, you end up like the Dutch at the bar, downing one after the other crying about having no luck with women and now even the lions elude them. It was a funny evening in a sticky old restaurant.

There you go, you even get a certificate once you are done.
Adventures with an amazing view. Definately better than jumping down the side of a dam. Dare you.


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