South Africa in 30 Days Day 5 Kruger National Park

Animals and not much text. Who wants to read lots at the end of a long day. Enjoy. Starting to watermark my photos. Some got downloaded … maybe buy a poor kid some food next time you download my pictures? That would be okay with me then. It’s not that I think the pics are awesome, I only have a rather ordinary little camera and a very patient husband who knows just where to spot the big five…

Buffalos always remind me of old grumpy conservative judges.
Herd of Elephants crossing the street right in front of us.
While buffalo are conservative grumps, warthogs are cute little punk rockers.
You do have to follow your hunches (and the “last sightings” boards at the restcamps) to spot the ever elusive cheetahs. While watching mesmerized, don’t drink any water. The next bathroom might be hours away. Just saying.

buffalo2 zebra CHEETAHFAM  cheetahs2  land

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