Culamoya Chimes – Midland’s Charme

I could just sit and listen all day.

I really looked forward to sharing this one with you! Make sure to get your own up to date copy of the Midland’s Meander book (Click HERE).

Absolutely amazing wind chimes.

Choose from over 300 attractions the ones that seem to fit your liking, be it pottery, organic farming, fine dining etc.

But make sure you do not miss Culamoya Chimes, a charming family owned business that is dedicated to the making, designing and tuning of wind chimes. 

The owners Frik and Lola have been weaving their parent’s Lola and Joe’s very personal love story and life experiences into the amazing sounds of their lovingly made chimes. Culamoya Chimes in Lidgetton is an artistic and iconic place to visit along the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands Meander and has a reputation as the ultimate chime shop. Culamoya Chimes boasts the largest variety of chimes in the country, across a range of sizes and materials. The owners happily engage with customers on each tuned piece. These are aimed at mimicking all manner of sounds, from the bells of Big Ben or St Paul’s to raindrops, dreams and streams.

Joe and Lola’s endearing love story and the special chimes whispering “I will always love you” into the wind.

The sound of the chimes on the African breeze creates an almost mystical ambience. It is this that conveys to customers the organic nature of these chimes. Any purchase becomes the ideal keepsake – each set of chimes evoking something completely unique in every individual. For those who hail from far afield, they are the perfect embodiment of this part of Africa. For everyone else, they are simply soul music.

Lola will gladly show you around.

Lola explained us how much the song “I will always love you” meant to them as a couple. Needless to say, this beautiful chime hangs now at the entrance of my home. I love amazing love stories, and the owners of Culamoya Chimes reminded me a great deal of Sheldon and Davy from the true love story “A severe mercy” that I read as a teen, describing a passionate love around interesting discussions writer C.S.Lewis and his friends had a bout life, love and faith.

All chimes, big and small ,are made on the premises. Lola herself showed us how she is turning the metal.

Allow the wind to touch your soul at Meander Attraction 218, turn off the R103 at Lidgetton West, follow Culamoyas signs for 3.5km

Contact them personally on their facebook page!



  1. Please could you let me have an email addres for Culamoya Chimes. I bought a wind chime years ago and would like to buy another of the same design. Many thanks

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