Day 6 Driving to the coast – Empangeni

b0209 b0213 b0214 b0219 b0220 b0222 b0224 b0226 b0232 b0234 b0235 b0236 b0246 b0247 b0251  Traveling in South Africa is never boring. All major roads are in very good conditions, in my opinion. Having traveled eastern Europe’s highways where you will suddenly find a block of concrete, goats, barrels in the middle of the road at midnight without any warning, the occasional cow crossing a highway does not freak me out. What I am upset about is the fact that in and around settlements there are too few safe crossing bridges or tunnels, and many people get hurt trying to cross the highway. So please always honour the speed limit of 50 km/h or go even slower when your road has you driving through a settlement.

On the other hand, the country side will always be stunning, letting you forget the long distances.

Today we are driving to Empangeni to spend a moment at the coast. We are now in Kwa Zulu Natal, a very beautiful province of South Africa with sub tropical climate.

Empangeni is a town approximately 160 kilometres north of Durban, situated in hilly countryside, overlooking a flat coastal plain and the major harbour town of Richards Bay only 15 kilometres away. The N2 freeway runs through the town.

Natal has a very lush, romantic and simply lovely feel about it.

Afrikaans South Africans are reminiscent about the past, where Afrikaans settlers established farms in Natal, only to be chased off again by the British Colonial Army. This country still has some healing to do, deep under the surface is a lot of subtle hurt.

Do take lots of photos, there is no place on earth like Natal. I love driving through the valley of a thousand hills, where rural villages have certainly claimed the most beautiful surroundings and people go about their daily chores enjoying stunning panorama views all day long.

We are staying over in Empangeni Panorama Place, a beautiful African style guesthouse providing hospitality of the finest standards with the true spirit of Africa. From the tranquil location of Panorama Hill in a peaceful, quiet location, we are gathering up our strength to enjoy the Midland’s Meander tomorrow. But for now, I thought you would maybe love a dip in the big, warm and noisy Indian Ocean!b0266 b0267


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