Bloukrans Bridge – Highest Bungee Jump in the World

d0084 d0086Been there, done that … taken the two photos you can see here I mean. (the other two are by the bungee company at Bloukrans) When it comes to risking your life for nothing but fun, I am a total chicken. Although I can do stuff if it means anything to anyone …

Stop and smell the roses, climb a mountain and enjoy the view, anytime.

Lesley Carter, you can definitely take the cake home for this one. I just stopped, climbed out of my car, took pictures and went on may way on the picturesque South African garden route.

But when Lesley, the girl with the meanest and baddest bucket list ever, comes to South Africa this year, I hope she will tackle this one and blog about it at

Located not too far from Nature’s Valley, West Cape, South Africa is the Bloukrans Bridge. To many this is just another road bridge spanning a river. But to extreme sport fans and bungee jumping fanatics around the globe this is more than a just another bridge. This is the location of the world’s highest commercial bungee jump. Welcome to Bloukrans Bridge!

Bloukrans Bridge South Africa World’s Highest Bungy Jump 1 Worlds Highest Bungee Jump on the Bloukrans Bridge in South Africa
Image By Gravitywave

Completed in 1984, the Bloukrans Bridge is a relatively new bridge. Despite that, it is probably one of the more well-known bridges in the world. Even if you aren’t familiar with the name, you’ve probably heard about it whenever you’ve heard about bungee jumps. That goes to show you how popular this particular extreme tourist destination has become.

The bridge itself stands at a height of 216 meters over the Bloukrans River. That makes it the highest single span arch bridge, and highest commercial bungee jump off a bridge, in the world. Face Adrenalin, the company that operates the bungee jumps, even has the Guinness® World Records certificate to prove it.

So, if you happen to be in South Africa, head over to Bloukrans Bridge. Don’t forget to bring a video camera though, as we’d love to see your daring bungee jump off the Bloukrans Bridge.

Well, if you are fit enough, have skills and resources to do this kind of thing, you might like to connect with some people who rescue kids out of really scary situations. Would be a better use for the need for speed, I think… Declare war on human trafficking. But by all means, bungee jump. 🙂 South Africa is a great place.

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