Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture

FUSSEN (82)This is a picture of the historic Stadt Apotheke (town pharmacy) in  Füssen, Germany.

I would say, a pharmacy fits this topic in a double sense. Every culture around the world is placing extra value on the healing professions. Medicine is an essential part of every human culture, and “cultures” are necessary in fighting and examining many diseases. In this German pharmacy, many curious are on display. The pharmacist prepares potions, salves, pills. In the past, pharmacies were the first museums of their times. Stuffed crocodiles and exotic pill boxes, outlandish cosmetics and many other cultural items of interest were displayed there. This pharmacy is still exhibiting ancient curious like this sword fish bones brought there in the 1800s. They also dry their own herbs to make them into medicine. In case I made you curious, I included 2 views from the outside as well to give a better impression.


FUSSEN (78) FUSSEN (79)Interested in similar collections? I used to work as a historic tour guide at the Francke Foundation, this amazing curio collection was the first practical science collection for a school of orphan and also started as a pharmacy.


    1. Yip, it was a lot of fun showing it to my toddler, and walking away with some handmade natural remedies as well!

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