Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above

FUSSEN (160)

FUSSEN (167)
View to the Forggensee -lake
FUSSEN (172)
Para-gliders getting ready to take a leap of faith

As kids, our parents took us hiking. A lot. Summers were spent in lovely mountain cabins in the Alps, no TV, clear mountain streams and every day a new peak to climb. When I was lucky enough to take my South African born child to Germany, there was no time for any of that in our busy schedule. Besides, at 2 years he wasn’t that ready for long hikes yet. So the closest we could get to share this “childhood bliss” of my own upbringing with him was to take one of the many cable cars to the top of one of the mountains of the Alp-prelude (not really the Alps yet, but mountains for sure) the Tegelberg in Bavaria. The view was breathtaking. The king and his family used to have a hike up the 1881 m high Tegelberg from their castle every weekend. And it took them only about 3hours to their hunting cabin on the top. They were fit back then! We enjoyed the view, the alpine feel of the beer-garden and even took a 2 hour hike around the peak, which Steven really enjoyed. Happy memories. I love to be on mountain tops. As a teen I used to hike all by myself, my journal and camera faithful listeners to the

sound of the mountains. FUSSEN (158) FUSSEN (168) FUSSEN (175) FUSSEN (178a)

FUSSEN (180) FUSSEN (182) FUSSEN (185) FUSSEN (199)

FUSSEN (204) FUSSEN (215) FUSSEN (225) FUSSEN (231) FUSSEN (233)http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/05/03/weekly-photo-challenge-from-above/


    1. Awesome, nice meeting you! Feel free to roam around, I hope you will enjoy my stories about Africa and it’s coast and wildlife!

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