Prague111 Prague75 Prague98  Prague130 Prague182 Prague187 Prague199 Prague210Pictures I took in Prague, Czech Republic. Go and see for yourself.Prague28

If you’d like to download one, please purchase the rights to use them HERE. I will not hesitate to send you a full resolution image for a very good price.


    1. Basically the best thing is to head downtown to the old town. the famous Charles bridge is the meeting point of artists and musicians and you will find tour guides there too. Take a ride on a little steam boat, visit the Castle, see the Astronomical Clock, see an orchestra perform classical music (tickets are sold in the old town from college students who will come up to you selling them. Don’t worry, you will not be “taken” and sold as a slave, as American movies try to make you believe. It’s a beautiful experience in one of the many historic concert halls and by far not as pricy as the theatre.
      A nice list of sights here:

      1. Thank you for this. I have sent your note along to my daughter who is arriving in Prague tomorrow. I follow your blog and enjoy your posts. Best wishes from Canada’s west coast.

    1. Thanks! Amazing arts and people, lots of alleys and parks and hidden backyards to discover!

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