Where to stay in Sabie – Sabie Star

IMG-20130605-01134Arriving at night is dicey… We had decided to come a little earlier for our seminar and do some stuff with the kids before leading a couple of meetings. Our host family would only wait for us a little later and we had booked a night in the Budget Inn in Sabie. On the internet it sounded like a lovely place in a forrest with quad biking, hiking and the likes. It turned out to be – budged and very much so. Dusty cabins in the middle of town. No nature. No way. So we didn’t take it and moved on. Don’t go anywhere without your smartphone or tablet … and always book beforehand. Finding a new place at night on the spot was only possible because it is winter and not very frequented by tourists this time of year. Per telephone we confirmed a free space at Sabie Star outside town.

Although it was only 6pm when we arrived, it was already pitch dark! We were appreciative that the owner, Nick, came out and booked us in without any problems and even brought a little heater as the night was really icy cold. Remember, most south African cottages do not have insulation or proper heating systems.

The beds made of brick were something we are already used to by now, although I can not understand why a lodge can not invest in something more back-friendly …

The kids loved it instantly and so did we. After packing out, we went to town to have a nice supper at the Wild Fig Tree in Sabie where we were the only guests. The Woodsman restaurant across the road came highly recommended – but with two small boys a location where lots of bikes and 4x4s indicate an awesome, heavy frequented place, is not always the best choice. When you are the only guests, you can not offend anyone! The owners and staff where extremely accommodating, and a hot chocolate at the cosy fireplace did its best to help us get into the “mountain” feel. Unfortunately the waitress kept following me around everywhere – there was a nice collection of art and curio in the restaurant. She seemed very worried I would touch anything … or the boys…  but otherwise it was great. The food could be a little more spiced though.

After a real chilly night we had the most amazing morning at the Sabie Star.

View from the top of the Sabie Star self-catering resort to the chalets. There is a barbeque and meeting area on the top that seems to be build for youth camps and the likes.
Two bridges lead over the sparkling creek crossing the property. If ever I have my own farm, it must have a river running through it!


This is what the premises looked like early in the wintery morning in June:

Sabie Star's property is really stunning. A great place to enjoy a steaming early morning pot of coffee!
Sabie Star’s property is really stunning. A great place to enjoy a steaming early morning pot of coffee!

Unfortunately the brick beds where build facing straight into the small room and our kids kept jumping around on them – there was too much danger of the 1 year old seriously injuring himself. So the following night we stayed at Merry Pebbles on the outskirts of Sabie – a peaceful self-catering camping resort where the guys went fishing. It had a big playground and even a warm water pool, ideal for small kids. But otherwise, if you do not have to consider little bumpy heads, do yourself a favour and stay a winter’s night at Sabie Star!Sabie-20130607-01182 JuneMpumalanga (360)



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