Waterfalls on the South African Panorama Route

JuneMpumalanga (265)
Bridal Veil waterfall

If you just joined the blog, look at the previous posts to find out more about the location of these amazing waterfalls.

Here are a few photos for you to enjoy the scenery without much further talking!

If you love right-clicking and saving: For a real small fee I will email you the non-watermarked original – isn’t that better than working with pictures not knowing if its legal?

On the trail to the horse shoe fall you can fish for some beautiful trout.
The pool before the horse Shoe falls
Spiderweb on the horse shoe trail…
If you enjoy Jules Verne, you might enjoy imagining yourself on the Secret Island. Expecting man-sized butterflies any moment! That’s the only way to enjoy nature with children: make up lots of stories so they are interested enough to listen to the sound of the water, follow a dragon fly and learn the names of the different shrubs. A tropical forest is the best place to let your imagination run wild!
JuneMpumalanga (295)
Arriving at the Horse Shoe falls. What an amazing place!
JuneMpumalanga (301)
Rugged beauty
JuneMpumalanga (310)
Some kind of wild tomatoes growing on the Horse Shoe trail
JuneMpumalanga (313)
the majestic Lone Creek waterfall. Totally amazing. Great pathway leading to it from the parking area. Lots of little trails all around the fall for the children to go and explore.
JuneMpumalanga (320)
Now where else in the world do you find a location like that. Lone Creek waterfall. Spread your wings and dream of elfs and knights and whatever you like!
JuneMpumalanga (321)
The trails to all the waterfalls are easy and beautifully maintained. We managed with a 1 year and a 4 year old. It was raining, but that just added to the beauty!
JuneMpumalanga (265)
Bridal Veil fall
JuneMpumalanga (263)
Two boys proud of their achievement


  1. Reblogged this on Bridging Worlds and commented:

    Hi my cherished followers. I usually publish travel related posts in my Traveler’s Log, so that people who are just looking for a review on a certain area in the world can do so without being bothered by my personal essays and such. We recently had so much fun on the Panorama Route where we were ministering in a lovely little congregation. I thought to share some waterfall pictures with you. For posts about accommodation and what to do with children, just browse through the other posts! Have fun, hope you enjoy the images!

    1. Thanks a lot! This world is made so stunning. The house you are commenting on is an original building in the Western Cape of South Africa of the first settlers…

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