Which toddler gets to see a real elephant up close? Elephant Sanctuary in Hazyview, South Africa

The Hazyview Elephant Sanctuary offers an interactive elephant experience and elephant back riding. The educational elephant interactions were really something we wanted to let our little children experience up close. Sam, 17 months and Steven, 4 years, love all animals and where very excited when we told them they are going to touch an elephant!
Be prepared to pay about $100 for the whole experience for your family. A guide will take you personally down some nice jungle paths to meet the elephants!
The guide didn’t seem to care if his audience was a large group of students or two tiny tots, he went through his rehearsed routine of explaining all anatomical details of the African Elephant…
Make sure you bring some water, you are going to walk down the bush a little more and might wait a little until the elephants are coming! But it’s definitely worth the wait. Your kids will get to feed adult-sized elephants, interact with them, and lead them for a walk on their trunk!
Daddy getting a big old elephant kiss!
The kids touched elephant’s tongue and marveled at the thick skin and tough, wire like hair.
Feeding uncle elephant.
Definitely an unforgettable experience!
17 month old baby Sam knows no fear, he was just soo thrilled to finally meet a real one!
In the very nice reception area you will get a complimentary cup of tea or coffee. The restrooms are in excellent conditions but there is no changing facility for your baby. But if you decided to do Africa, you don’t mind changing on the floor right?
Click the image for the opening hours and detailed activities like Elephant riding etc …
There was absolutely no cruelty, the elephants where guided only through gentle words. Whereas in the Kruger Park you would hear how you have to back up when an elephant comes close to you, and pictures of trampled cars make the rounds in camp exhibitions, here your child can even hold the foot of these guys … Steven was very emotional even a few weeks later about this because he was so touched by their gentleness …

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    1. Thanks, it’s a different life. Just coming back from a walk in the bush with the monkeys all around us …

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