Parks, Parks, Parks!!!

If you ever visit Germany, make sure you enjoy the plentiful parks everywhere.


There are lots of historical ones,

Barock Park in Ludwigsburg, Baden-Wuertemberg, Germany
historic blooming baroque in Ludwigsburg
A feast for the senses: the gardens surrounding the Royal Palace of Ludwigsburg. On an area of over 30 hectares you’ll find magnificent garden design from a variety of eras and regions. For example there’s the “Broderie” parterre – a formal Baroque “embroidered garden” – and the aviaries with indigenous and exotic birds from all over the world in the North Garden, or the multicoloured flowers and gravel ornaments framed by magnificent avenues of chestnut trees in the South Garden. And don’t forget the “Valley of Birdsong” leading to the romantic Emichsburg castle and a lake with a waterfall. Allow some time for a pleasant break at the park café, too.
Fairy-Tale Garden
There is also something for the little ones: the fantastic magical world with more than 30 fairytale scenes, which tell about secret beings in a fabulous world.
Where does the frog prince live? And what does sleeping beauty look like? What kind of tricks do Max and Moritz play? Come and be enchanted…
Fairy tale and folk tales are on display although out this magic garden

There are state-of-the-art modern playgrounds everywhere,

Many towns have their own water-playground in the middle of town.


public displays of art,

BINZ SPAß (59)
Art at the beach promendade in Binz, Baltic Sea … a perfect seaside holiday for the whole family.

animal enclosures in the middle of a city,


freely accessible for everybody …


I love that about Germany!

Europe’s first toddler climbing park
at the Possen, Thuringia, Germany


View over my hometown Nordhausen
Listening to an impromptu concert at the Clara Park in Leipzig
The vast Clara Park is one of many Inner City parks in Leipzig. When Germans see the hype in movies about Central Park New York we can just smile. Really? You think that’s cool?Here every town has impressive parks.
Steven working with a real functional electric child-sized excavator
Tiny pond in the Stadtpark Nordhausen.


Deer at Wildpark Poing, Bavaria


Regenbogenland (2)
Indoorplaygrounds in case of bad weather

Regenbogenland (8)


Interacting with a clown at a public park
Meeting new people!

Dadaaaa: and now South African public playgrounds:


I am currently living in a nation where the local municipalities will spend tens of thousands of Dollars (130.000 south African Rand) on buying fried chicken in a month, but there are thousands of learners without a school building, there are no books, insufficient medical care …

Our German chancellor lives in a rented apartment, our South African president enjoys pricey tax-money paid upgrades to his homestead while the feeding of the desolate is left to charities.

South Africa actually has very high tax revenues and could easily fix all kinds of social problems.

What I miss most are municipalities that would upgrade the standard of living so people would be happy with their environments.

In Germany 5Mio Euros are easily spend on a public playground while municipal employees pack their own lunchboxes. No fried chickens.

You can tell me that we can not compare Europe and Africa. If you are spending equal times on either side of the world, you will start to wonder about these totally contrary moral standards. In Germany we actually pay lower taxes, but education is free for all. In South Africa even public school is expensive…



  1. I have a friend who recently moved back to Germany after living in South Africa for most of his life, and I’m flabbergasted by everything he is experiencing now.

    In my home suburb we used to have a little park. It was nothing like in Germany, but we liked it. But it was broken up for firewood many years ago and nothing has been done about it. I wish our parks would be improved… and our roads. And our schools. It really is a pity that our taxes are wasted so much!

    1. II come from a nation where the chancellor (equivalent to the south African President) lives in a rented apartment on the third floor, sharing a house with other families. look at it here:
      or check
      Whereas the South African president build himself not a house, not a villa, no, a whole village inclusive golf courts and helicopter landing pads – from tax moneys. In my small town here in South Africa, the most audacious villas belong to municipal employers who draw a salary higher than the German chancellor. Obviously, in Germany, tax money is used to provide free high quality education for all, health care, public services, transportation, everything to make it easy for people to be productive. In South Africa, tax money is used to make a few government officials comfortable. Yet when it comes to charity, somehow I as a white person am made responsible to fix it all. This is what i find truly tiring of living in this otherwise great nation.

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