Eventeria: A private Wildlife Park in Limpopo

ImageThe Eventeria Wildlife park is situated deep in the African bushveld,  in the
Waterberg Biosphere, 30kms from Vaalwater, about 3 hours from Johannesburg.

This Wildlife Park is host to: Siberian Tigers; Bengal Tigers; Wild Dogs; African Lions;
White Lions; Wolves; Coati Bears; Alpacas and the abundance of endangered game species.



All in all, there were a lot, a LOT of animals to be seen really close up.

the fact that mere chickenwires seperated my unpredictable under 5s from these fierce predators was putting me in an uncomfortable state of constant alert, which made the trip not that enjoyable. Just a trip of the foot or a curious hand through the fence, and we would have a disater. ..

Also, we were not offered a tour or anything and where left to try find our way through a maze of overwhelming fencing. The heat of 40 degrees without shaded resting spots on the pathways through the enclosure also made it quite exhausting.

We ended the round trip early and sat in the shaded restaurant area to enjoy a really good meal and some refreshing sodas. The hospitality facilities are great, there is a wonderful playground for the children which they didn’t use because it was in full sun and the toys where boiling hot.

The swimming pool is crispy clear and beautiful.

With kids a little bit older than us, and on a cooler day, this is surely an unforgettable outing.


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