Mystic Monkeys and Feathers … what a lovely day trip!!!!

IMG_3497I do admit I do not really enjoy looking at caged animals, although snakes and spiders are definitely nicer behind thick glass … But when you are a mom of two little ones, trips into the wild, where the animals roam free and nature is fierce, are not always an option and actually pretty boring for the kids. “Look, there is a Cheetah” “Where mom?” “150 meters from us far in the tall grass”. Not cool for a 2-year-old.

So I am always glad to find a pretty enclosure with relatively happy animals and nice surroundings, so I can show my children what these amazing creatures look like from up close.

What a wonderful surprise Mystic Monkeys and Feathers turned out to be!

Mt boys loved the place!
Beautiful resting areas in a great park. Come and visit!


This is Africa. Safety is completely up to you … see this sign, kids?

A world of primates, cats and feathered friends awaits one at this beautiful wildlife park and sanctuary, open Monday to Sunday, all public and school holidays from 9am till 4pm.IMG_3501

Situated 80km from Pretoria and 100km from Johannesburg, Mystic Monkeys and Feathers Wildlife Park is an ideal getaway,great place for family and friends to meet and a wonderful place to see and admire unusual and spectacular beautiful animals.

IMG_3621Visiting Mystic Monkeys & Feathers Wildlife Park is a great family outing, especially for the upcoming holidays. The park hosts one of South Africa’s largest collection of private primates and beautiful exotic birds as well as predators, such as White Lions, Cheetahs and Tigers. Petting animals available to touch and take a photograph with to share with all of your friends and family.


Join my family as we have a look at this beautifully maintained animal park.

Steven – who is entertaining who?
Hello, and who are you?
Yeah, my sons found him real funny. Mohawk and all.
Enjoyed all the cool sculptures everywhere. Can you spot the lion?

IMG_3522IMG_3519I never knew how many different species of monkeys there where.  Of course we enjoyed the Chimpanzees who immediately came around to have a look at my kids. The two boys proved to be very entertaining for the Chimps who started hopping around with a lot of joy.

The cats where also very impressive. The animal enclosures are surrounded by beautifully landscaped gardens and plenty of shaded resting areas which is a must when traveling with toddlers. IMG_3615Too often when visiting private Zoos I find my kids exposed to open sun on stony pathways that will never end, this place was such a pleasant surprise. There where plenty of restrooms available throughout the gardens as well, which I found very convenient.IMG_3584

The beautiful gardens invited us and our feathered friends to rest and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.
When out and about with little people, one sure appreciates places to sit down!
Yeah, that was scary.


  There is even a snack and souvenir shop on site as well as a restaurant which offers breakfasts and light meals. Picnic baskets also available.

A beautiful, bar-like roofed viewing spot overlooks the chimpanzee enclosure.
Amazing African plants completed the stunning experience.

Directions to the park:



Take the N1 Highway north until you reach the Boekenhoutskloof / Hammanskraal turnoff. Take the turnoff and turn right across the bridge over the N1. On the other side of the bridge turn left towards Rust de Winter, on a tarred road. (If  you reach the gravel road you have missed the turn off). From this point, travel for 27.7km without turning until you reach a T-junction, it is approximately 8.1km to the entrance of Tshukudu Lodge on your right. (On your way from the T-junction you will pass the turnoff to the Rust de Winter Dam and just before you reach the Tshukudu Lodge signboard, you will pass the shop on the left).


Take the N1 Highway north until you reach the Pienaarsrivier/Rust de Winter turnoff. Take the turnoff and turn right. From this point, it is approximately 27km to the entrance of Tshukudu Lodge on your right. (Just before you reach the Tshukudu Lodge signboard, you will pass the shop on the left).


Take the N1 South towards Pretoria until you reach the Pienaarsrivier turnoff. Take the turnoff and turn left towards Rust de Winter. From this point it is approximately 22km to the entrance of Tshukudu Lodge on your right. (On the way from the N1 you will pass the turnoff to Hammanskraal on your right, as well as the turnoff to the Rust de Winter Dam. Just before you reach the
Tshukudu Lodge signboard, you will pass the shop on the left).




  • S25º 12.635
  • E28º 31.551


·  Monday to Sunday

All Public and School Holidays :

09h00 till 16h00


Includes Tour ± 2 – 3 hours

· Adults: R100

· Children between 3 – 13 years: R50

· No charge for Children under 3 years

· Pensioners: R80



· R100.00 PER PERSON per a maximum of ±10 minutes per person


· Soft Toys, Cold drinks, Fruit Juices, Chips,Ice Cream and more for sale.


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