18 things to do in and around Graskop

IMG_2314My parents brought me up hiking and enjoying nature. Saturdays was reserved for toting our picnic, including a yummy red currant pie my mom used to make,  into some utterly remote spot in the mountains. My parents would spread a few blankets, take out their books and read, while us 4 siblings would build little dams, moss houses and the likes.

Very fond memories make me so want to share this with my kids. Here in South Africa we have so much amazing nature available, but so much less safe spots! Apart from deadly snakes like the black mamba, predators and criminals who kill for a few bucks, mostly the land belongs to somebody who fenced it in.

20140401_105159Finding hiking trails is a treat and I love to share some spots I enjoyed with you.

If you are in the Graskop – Hazyview area, here are 18 child friendly activities to do in 5 days as we did.

They include

  1. Three Rondavels
  2. Lisbon Waterfall
  3. Bush Kitchen Valley
  4. Quadbikes Induna Adventures Hazyview
  5. The Coffee Company Sabie
  6. The Glass house restaurant
  7. Harries Pancakes
  8. Africa Silk Farm
  9. Elephant Whispers
  10. Mac Mac Pools
  11. Monkey Birds
  12. Blyde Dam Cruise
  13. Moholoholo
  14. Tappas Pizza
  15. Snake Reptile Park
  16. Spur
  17. Jessica the Hippo
  18. Blue Monsoon

I am going to blog about them in the following posts!


IMG_4682 IMG_4693 IMG_4701 IMG_4709


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