Eating out in the Glass house with toddlers.

2014-04-01 18.08.14To continue my little series about 18 things to do in and around Graskop – things we basically did within 4 days but seem to take me a few month to write about …

Meals on vacation! The easiest with little kids (mine were 2 and barely 5 at the time) is of course to either make the family’s favorites yourself at home or order take outs, as both spare you a)the stress of making the kids behave in an adult friendly restaurant or b)tear away the youngsters from the play area in a kid friendly restaurant. Well Graskop has their selection of great pancake places for breakfast, and I don’t mind home cooking in our self catering flat, but one night we felt like eating out as grown ups – with the kids. Ever adventurous, even a name like Glass house restaurant couldn’t scare us. Actually, we wanted to go and check out the Lokomotive, a pub-style grill where we had held hands for the first time ever about 10 years ago … but it was closed.

And since we’re all about new experiences, why not. “Kids, this is a glass house, don’t bump into the walls!” We actually had a real nice dinner, the friendly owner/chef didn’t mind the boys examining the   2014-04-01 20.02.43 20140401_182830interior decoration and served up a wonderful hot chocolate for them. the rain outside and the rustic atmosphere inside added to a nice parents-dine-out-albeit-not-alone experience.

So try it out, it adds to the whole charm of Graskop.

For some great food fotos check tripadvisor’s review of the restaurant here.

We found the food okay, although peas in a pumpkin aren’t our favorite. But the meat was nice and tender and the owner was not unsettled by our kids, so that was perfect! When we are in the area again we will definitely come back for more.2014-04-01 20.00.40


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