Feeding a hippo

In April last year we were lucky enough to personally meet with the world famous Jessica the hippo who lives partially wild but choses to visit people once a day for a drink of Rooibos tea. National Geographic and many other channels did documentaries on this amazing hippo so I dont have to say much, here are some links to some professional documentaries

Jessica the hippo has become an international sensation.
Rescued in the 2000 floods in Limpopo when she was only a few hours old, her story has touched many.

So last year we went to Mpumalanga and had a lot of fun meeting Jessica, learning about her story and feeding her sweet potatoes.

Here is a clip of our amazing interaction with Jessica

IMG_5175 IMG_5181

Jessica is a 10year old female Hippopotamus (Hippopotamus amphibius) who lives near Hoedspruit – South Africa. What makes Jessica so special and unique, is the fact that she’s a wild animal that interacts with humans in a rather different way than nature has intended. It is well believed that Hippos are some of the most dangerous and fearsome creatures in Africa and there are many accounts of Hippos attacking (and killing) people who invade their space or disrupt their routines. With this animal, this is definitely not the case since she loves interaction with humans and she displays mind-boggling characteristics which makes us wonder about our approach towards wild animals.

If you want to meet her, contact the people who rescued her and work with her:

Telephone Bookings: +27 (0)15 795-5249
Email: joubert@jessicahippo.com
Postal Address: P.O.BOX 1629
Hoedspruit Limpopo, South Africa


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