Ever been tripped by an elephant?

Sjoe, is what we say in Afrikaans when we are shocked, amazed, impressed. Sjoe did my 5 year old just stumble over an elephant. How did that happen.

We took our sons to have an interaction with rescued elephants at the African Elephant Whispers rescue center in Hazyview, Mpumalanga.

For those seeking a unique and memorable wildlife encounter, an Elephant Interaction and Ride at Elephant Whispers is an exciting and touching experience not to be missed.

Situated in the Sandford Conservancy on the banks of the Sabie River in Hazyview, Mpumalanga, Elephant Whispers offers an Elephant Experience of a lifetime which will leave you with a renewed respect and admiration for these gentle giants of Africa.

The kids really loved the animal interaction a lot!
The Elephant lied down so we could see him close up, feed him and pat him. Steven, then 5, decided he wants to spontaneously jump over the trunk of the elephant. In the same moment the elephant felt the impulse to slap his trunk on the ground. So he tripped Steven who fell a meter further into the dust and was not impressed. Things that can only happen in Africa.
for more info about these rescued elephant and when you can come and meet them check here

20140402_124659 IMG_4860 IMG_4872 IMG_4876 IMG_4882 IMG_4906


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